Строительство эффективной экономики

Развитие открытого демократического общества

Налаживание регионального и международного сотрудничества

Содействие привлечению инвестиций в Одесскую область

Консультирование по проектам международной технической помощи

Организация и проведение международных бизнес-форумов, конференций, презентаций, семинаров, специализированных выставок, пресс-туров, бизнес-туров

Издательская деятельность.

Beginning from 2007 non-governmental organization «Agency of regional development» successfully implements the European model of regional development, consolidating local public authorities, business entities and community for cooperation.

First similar agencies in Europe have sensibly contributed to reviving of local economies affected by crisis and assisted in solving of various issues connected with unemployment, creation and support of small business enterprises, strategies adoption on effective use of local resources.

The primary mission of Agency, which is fixed in its Statute, is an assistance in the increasing of efficiency functioning of institutes, which carry out support of business entities in Odessa and Odessa area, for an assistanc development and growth of competitiveness of enterprises, defense it legal social, economic, age-old, national, cultural and other general interests.

The main tasks of Agency are:

  • assistance in rising of effective national economy and creation of open democratic society based on prosperous middle-class;
  • assistance in establishing of regional and international cooperation with foreign institutions during development and implementation of common programs.

Agency is able to promote:

  • effective realization of social and economic potential of the region;
  • attraction of foreign investments;
  • development of entrepreneurship;
  • increasing of export potential;
  • development of business and social infrastructure;
  • poverty reduction and higher living standards.